Covid 19.

Heatherside Church is carefully following the guidance from the Government and CofE. Visitors are asked to wear face masks unless exempt and follow social distancing guidelines. We believe it is important that we enable those who want to gather and worship together to do so.

Chairs are individually cleaned and separated and the hall well ventilated.

We would love to welcome you at one or more of our meetings to help you find a home amongst us so that together we can discover more about God’s love and challenge for each one of us.

We aim to reach out in different ways on each of those occasions so that all will feel welcomed amongst us.

We belong to the Church of England and appreciate the heritage that we share although we are unusual in that we do not own a building.

We are based at the  Community Centre on Heatherside where we have worshipped on Sunday mornings since it was built.

So, we are a  Church that meets together in a friendly, relaxed and contemporary way each week. We seek to praise God, learn from scripture and enjoy each others company at each of our meetings.

The Lord’s Prayer