Our Vision


We aim to worship in the Spirit, placing Jesus at the centre, giving glory to God the Father. We will offer a variety of worship experiences drawing out people’s gifts, taking into account different backgrounds and ages. Our worship must be connected to our other aims of prayer, teaching, fellowship, service and mission. Our worship must spill over into every area of our lives. Worship for us is a privilege, a joy and a discipline.


We are committed to prayer as the backbone of all that we do as a Church. We will pray regularly both as individuals and as a Church. Meeting together to pray in pairs, small groups or as a whole church is important to us. Boldness, openness, listening, expectancy and obedience are key words here. We are learners together and we will explore new creative ways of praying.

Teaching and Discipleship

Preaching and teaching the word of God are central to us. Through the Bible God reveals himself to us. We desire to promote a love for scripture. We individually commit ourselves to reading the Bible regularly. We shall provide opportunities for Christian learning and training that can help us grow from first steps to mature disciples.


Fellowship grows when we learn what it means for us to be part of the Body of Christ. We commit ourselves to one another. All ages and backgrounds should he valued equally and cared for so that we can be a true Church family. We believe that in a large church small groups grow greater fellowship. We all grow closer by doing things together. We commit ourselves to being an outward looking fellowship.


We are committed to living out the example of Christ in every area of our lives. This will involve time, humility, involvement with others and self-sacrifice. We recognise that practical acts of love are part of our gospel mission. We commit ourselves to serving the needs of our local community and the wider world.


We commit ourselves to the challenge to go and make disciples. Making relationships, earning the right to speak and being able to share the good news about Jesus clearly are key. The focus of our mission is to see people come to faith in Jesus Christ and grow on as disciples. We are committed to supporting mission both locally and worldwide and to hearing God’s personal call to us. The needs of the poor are important to us. As Christians we also recognise our responsibility both to care for the creation and to seek after justice in the world.