Children of the Dump


As you may have seen on the UK news, the situation in Manila is becoming critical for the families who rely on scavenging to survive. The President, Rodrigo Duterte has sanctioned the use of lethal force to keep his country of 100 million people in lockdown and extended it until the end of May at the earliest.

Recent donations have contributed to ensuring that the students and families of Children of the Dump have received 5 food parcels over the initial 9 weeks of lockdown.  Without this support many families would have been in an unimaginable position, with no food or clean drinking water and young children to feed.

Donations have helped provide emergency food parcels containing, rice, canned goods, noodles, drinking water, soap, and shampoo. This has been sourced by three Children of the Dump staff who have lockdown passes that allows them to travel within the local area to buy provisions.

Attached are three photos showing the food distribution.

Children of the Dump has worked in the Philippines since 1975, providing loving care, family support and education to hundreds of deprived children, many living in extreme poverty on the Payatas rubbish dump in Metro Manila. We currently have over 300 children in our care, some of whom have been abused, abandoned or neglected. Children of the Dump offers these children the chance to escape the cycle of poverty through education.







Since our work started, we have watched the children we support grow and develop into responsibleadults. We have seen them graduate from high school and college to join the world of work. Many of our students aspire to become teachers, social workers, nurses and policemen and some achieve this. We are proud of all of them. Children of the Dump prides itself in being a personal, friendly charity, which is small enough to know many of our supporters personally and makes sure over 80 pence of every pound is used directly for the children .

ASCT Newsletter November 2015

David Cox