Women’s Ministry

Women of the Word is the vision of a group of Bible believing Christian women who trust in the infallible Word of God.

They recognise the need in our communities for a place where women can join together in the safe environment of God’s unconditional love to discover how much more He wants to give them; a place where they can seek a deeper walk with Jesus and discover His love and power to set free and heal.  A place where they can be envisioned, empowered and set on fire through the Holy Spirit.

We meet monthly for breakfast, worship, a time of sharing and a message.

Our speakers are universally respected and from a variety of backgrounds but who share our core belief in God’s infallible Word. We invite them in faith, trusting that they will bring the message the Lord has given them to share with us.

Sharon Oliver 6 July 2024
Rachel Hickson 6 April 2024
Rachel Stevens 2 March 2024
Heather Valletta 3 Feb 2024
Sharon Blyth 6 Jan 2024
Jen Baker 9 Dec 2023
RuthAnn Cannings 4 Nov 2023
Anne Carver 7 Oct 2023
Sharon Oliver 9 Sep 2023
Jan Hilton 1 July 2023

Helen Azer 3 June 2023

Jen Baker 29 April 2023
Sharon Blyth 1 April 2023
Rachel Stevens 4 March 2023
Jo Harbridge 4 February 2023
Jan Ransom 7 January 2023
Jen Baker 10 December 2022
RuthAnn Cannings 5 Nov 2022
Sharon Blyth 1 Oct 2022
Sharon Oliver 3 Sep 2022
Tonia Elliot 2 Jul 2022
Helen Azer 7 May 2022
Jan Ransom 5 March 2022
Rachel Stevens 5 February 2022
Eke singing her composition Abba Father

Jen Baker, 11 December 2021

Sharon Blyth, 6 November 2021

RuthAnn Cannings, 3 October 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic prevented us meeting together in person but we were delighted that some of our regular speakers were able to join us for monthly talks via Zoom.


Women of the Word enjoy their  first Breakfast of 2017 at Heatherside with guest speaker Talitha Ishi-Smith